One Month!

Yesterday marked the one month aniversary of living in the trailer!  Miraculously both Andrew and myself – and even the dog – are still alive!

How did we celebrate this momentous occassion?  With a delicious camp-style breakfast! 

Since cooking inside a trailer can be a bit frustrating (space-wise) and messy, we’ve been trying to utilize the grill that comes with our campsite at every possible opportunity.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner – all grillable.

Yesterday’s breakfast was perfect mix of a traditional weekend breakfast with a twist.  Of course we had to include my favorite breakfast staple – sausage.  And not just any sausage – we’re talking the best sausage in the world, sausage that will convert a vegetarian, sausage that you absolutely MUST get if you’re going anywhere near North Carolina – the link sausage from Smith’s Red & White.  I’m lucky to have grandparents who live close to this gem of store, so I’ve been hoarding the stuff since my last visit like a squirrel in winter.  But I figured the One Month Trailer Anniversary merrited the good stuff.

The chef grilled up a few links of the sausage, along with a couple small zucchini’s sliced lengthwise. 

It sounds like a strange combination, but actually was a perfect balance of fatty meat and delicate vegetable.

And seems to balance out the unhealthy factor…until I smothered the zuchinni in Keswick Creamery’s delicious garlic-infused feta.

To top of the meal we added some grilled wheat toast with smoked fresh mozzarella.

With a little help from the sous chef…

…The finished product was amazing – and a delightful way to celebrate our One Month of survival!

2 responses to “One Month!”

  1. Congratulations Courtney, Andrew, and Bella on your one month trailer anniversary! Now I want some of that sausage – I didn’t know you were such a fan! Keeping an eye on the blog to stay up to date on your adventures, love the shoes!
    Take care, see you soon!

  2. Yummmmmmmm……….looks scrumdillyicious!! A very fitting celebration to mark your first month!! Congratulations!! Better watch that sous chef though……….She has been known to swipe morsels off the grill!! (Great plug for Mast General Store in your last shot!!)

    Love you bunches!!

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