Not all those who wander are lost…

“Maybe life doesn’t get any better than this, or any worse, and what we get is just what we’re willing to find: small wonders, where they grow.”

-Barbara Kingsolver


  • What it Means to Live a Creative Life

    What it Means to Live a Creative Life

    For the longest time, I didn’t consider myself a creative person. Though I loved to explore the world and my mind with curiosity, follow inspiration, and make new and different things, it never felt like enough. Unless I had published a book or released a song or had art displayed in a gallery or poetry […]

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  • Five Favorites: Lubec, Maine & Campobello Island, Canada

    Five Favorites: Lubec, Maine & Campobello Island, Canada

    The car headed north, weaving along the rocky coastline. We’d chosen the scenic route, rarely a bad choice, unless kids are involved. But on this day, they were amenable. Maybe it was the soothing evergreen forests or the glimpses of the foggy sea that kept them at peace. More likely it was the snacks. Our […]

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  • Five Favorites: Saint Andrews, Canada

    Five Favorites: Saint Andrews, Canada

    I’ve always dreamed of traveling internationally with my kids. The thought of exploring new cultures and languages with them. Exposing them to perspectives outside of their home country. Expanding their horizons and broadening their knowledge. As it turned out, our first international venture with the kids was less idyllic and more just trying to convince […]

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  • Five Favorites: Roque Bluffs & Machias, Maine

    Five Favorites: Roque Bluffs & Machias, Maine

    When we first started planning our trip to Maine (and to be clear, planning is a term I use very lightly, as neither my husband nor myself are natural planners), we knew we wanted to be in the general vicinity of Acadia. Close enough to go in and enjoy the park, but far enough out […]

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  • Five Favorites: Acadia & Bar Harbor, Maine

    Five Favorites: Acadia & Bar Harbor, Maine

    Sunlight crested over the jagged mountains, bathing the landscape in a beautiful auburn aura. I hadn’t slept a wink the night before, but the first glimpse of sunrise filled me with renewed energy. Miles continued to roll away beneath us as I heard the soft murmur of small voices perk up from the backseat. Glancing […]

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  • Love Affairs

    Love Affairs

    I’m a romantic in my soul. Led by eyes of wonder and a heart that changes with the tides of emotion, I can easily find myself falling, falling. Spiraling into an unanticipated love affair. I’ve only ever loved one man, and I’m lucky enough to have married him. But places. The new and different and […]

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