Taking Note from Nature

‘Tis the season for hustle and bustle, for stress and excess. Meanwhile, the natural world quiets, slows down, and turns inward. Meanwhile, bears and bugs hibernate, leaves fall from trees in a not-so-subtle suggestion to let go of that which no longer serves. Meanwhile, our busy bodies fight against their own natural urges. There areContinue reading “Taking Note from Nature”

Weekend Wandering

As expected, the weekend included lots of laying low and keeping cozy. I started the snowy Saturday off with this delicious, healthy, and easy breakfast of quinoa, edamame, egg, and avocado. Bella and I decided to brave the elements to enjoy a scenic walk and expend some energy. Fetch was played. Sticks were chewed. AndContinue reading “Weekend Wandering”

Gators and Panthers and Snakes – oh my!

We’ve set out towards our first long-term location on the trailer travels, which is Big Cypress National Preserve! We couldn’t be more excited to leave the frigid temperatures of the mid-Atlantic for the sunny shores of south Florida. Just one minor hesitation (for me), which is the excessive amount of predators that will be ourContinue reading “Gators and Panthers and Snakes – oh my!”