Weekend Wandering

When the sun finally came out on Sunday, we took advantage of the opportunity to explore our homestead – Greenbelt Park – since I hadn’t had much time during daylight hours to take in the beauty of it. 

So we bundled up in the chilly whether and headed out for a hike.  In German, the work for hike is “wandern,” which I love, because I love the idea of hours spent liesurely wandering through the woods. 

Unfortunately living in Washington, DC doesn’t provide a vast amount of “wandern” opportunities.  So I am happy to have discovered that Greenbelt Park, just about a 15 minute drive from DC, does a pretty good job of satisfying my urge for outdoor exploration.  (Apparently I am somewhat of a hiking snob, but I guess growing up with the beauty of the Blueridge and Smokies at your fingertips will do that to you.) 

Greenbelt is scenic with ample trails for a short hike – we probably did about 2-3 miles overall.  While there are short stretches that run along the highway or other developed area (a personal pet peeve of mine when hiking), overall I was very pleased with the wooded wandering experience.

And our pack-hound seemed to enjoy it too.

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