A Day of Merriment

Upon the end of last fortnight, Lord Andrew and Lady Courtney took a sojourn from ruling the Kingdom of Greenbelt, abandoned the rolling palace, and ventured to the grand world of merriment that is the Renaissance festival.

‘Tis a cheery fest filled with subjects of all sorts and delicacies of yore, such as hush puppies

(ah, a Renaissance favorite!)

Ye olde jests put on a jolly show for us, certainly pleased to have such royalty in their presence.

The Renaissance Man dost enjoy the fulsome fare and festivities.

‘Twas a rousing tournament of jousting with all the champions of the land.

The commoners tarried with excitement at the royal games.

Lord Andrew stood tallt, for he knew that nary a man could defeat him shall he enter the jousts.

Alas, the victors were crowned and all of the subjects exclaimed “Huzzah!”

All the fair maidens in the land admired Lady Courtney’s fine jewels, for she would never venture to such a fest without being decked in the king’s bounty of baubles. Hither is what shall adorn a lady on thus an ocassion:

1. Delicate fine earrings in royal hues

2. A bracelet of only the most brilliant stones

3. A jeweled brooch to fasten upon thou royal sash


Though the fest was a grand gathering of all the royalty (and amusing commoners) of the land, the Kingdom of Greenbelt canst not rule itself, alas we had to return to the rolling palace.

Fare ye well Renaissance Festival. And wishing all ye fullsome merriment!

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