Weekend Wandering

This weekend my wanders took me back to sunny Florida to reunite with my sweet fiancé. Since we didn’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together, I was looking forward to a long weekend of relaxing on the beach and adventuring with Andrew.

Alas, what is a travel experience without a few bumps in the road (or air?). To sum it up:

1. A two hour delay on my flight to Florida due to a lightning strike to the plane on its incoming flight, after which the crew pronounced that they were “pretty sure” the plane was okay to fly.

2. Being struck by the plague (also known as a bad cold) the day before my trip.

3. A cold front in Florida that brought the temperatures plummeting into the thirties.

Yet, despite these inconveniences, and thanks to some flexible planning, the sweetest nurse of a fiancé, and the purchase of an electric blanket, the weekend could not have been more perfect.

After my late arrival on Friday, Andrew picked me up as we rushed across Tampa to the romantic surprise date he had planned. Little did I know I was to be treated to a fantastic flamenco show and delicious authentic Spanish cuisine at the historic Columbia Restaurant , once frequented by Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.

Photo via http://www.columbiarestaurant.com/ybor

Saturday and Sunday went by in a drug-induced dream that included touring Cape Canaveral Air Force and NASA base, eating lots of delicious German food, sipping soothing coffee and tea, and many hours spent snuggled up watching movies.

The cherry on top of the weekend, though, was Monday, when we finally decided to brave the chilly temperatures and rise up against the sniffles to enjoy one last day together. The morning was spent eating the most delicious berry scones, soup, and chocolate chunk cookies at the Sunrise Bread Company. Games of UNO were played, filled with giddy giggles and a healthy dose of friendly competitiveness. Once properly fueled, we headed to the sunny beach at Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Though breezy and cool, it was the perfect day for soaking up some sun and relaxing while listing to the sweet sound of crashing waves.

And I couldn’t have asked for a better companion to partake in a perfect day.




Thanks for the most wonderful weekend sweet boy! I love you so for taking care of my sick self.

2 responses to “Weekend Wandering”

  1. We love to see our children just being happy. It sounds like you had a great weekend in Florida. Love you both, Angie & John

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