The Long Road West

About a week ago I set out on my next great adventure – one that takes me from Tennessee to Colorado to California and everywhere in between.

I just purchased my first ever car of my own – a 2003 Subaru Legacy. My dad and I had searched long and hard to find a good one with low mileage, so the only logically thing to do when I found one was to plan a trip that would put thousands of miles on the car (my dad taught me well…)


Once we got everything checked on the car and new brakes installed, it was time to hop in and head west! My first destination is Colorado, where both my sister and cousin live, as do the stunning Rocky Mountains that seem to have a magnetic pull on me. I’ve visited Colorado many times before and have traveled there a variety of ways (planes, bus rides, family road-trips, covered wagon) but this was the first time I was making the trek solo. Pretty much everyone I talked to thought it was a crazy idea to drive that far on my own, but I had the time and the car and I was ready to make the most of it.

I packed the car to the brim, and let me tell you, Subarus are deceptively spacious. Since my parents are moving while I’m away, I decided to take as much of my stuff with me as possible, both to make it easier on them and to facilitate my gypsy-like ways. With the wagon loaded, I hit the road.


It’s a good two day haul from Knoxville, Tennessee to Boulder, Colorado, and though I was optimistic when talking to others, I myself was a bit worried about the hours upon hours spent in the car alone. It turns out that driving myself across the country is a whole different experience than just being along for the ride. And thanks to some fun tunes provided by generous friends, the trip was downright fun!

The hours rolled by like the hills through which I drove as Tennessee turned to Illinois which morphed to Missouri.


I crossed the Mississippi and passed through the Gateway to the West.


The scenery grew increasingly beautiful as the road stretched onward and I was feeling pretty great about this latest venture.


And then came Kansas…

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