Simple Pleasures

Yesterday something amazing happened… Something I have been waiting weeks, no months, for.

It was something that most people take for granted, but for me it was an indescribable spiritual experience. Something lovely and miraculous all at once…



That probably doesn’t sound like anything special at all, but let me tell you – it was. It had been over 2 months since I had bathed outside of the trailer. Most of you probably don’t know what trailer showers are like. (Or if you’re my cousin Chip you’re apparently surprised that I still shower at all… promise I’m not that much of a hippie folks!). But let me give you an overview of my thought process when realizing I was getting to take a non-trailer shower:


“You mean I can stand up straight and my head won’t hit the ceiling? I have more than 6 minutes of hot water? The water pressure will actually allow me  to get my hair wet? I don’t have to turn the water off between every step? I can turn in a full 360 degree circle without knocking everything over or falling out and suddenly finding myself in the ‘kitchen’?”

So yeah, it was truly amazing. And all thanks to my wonderful friend Sarah who let me get ready at her place prior to a pizza party with friends. Little did she know what joy she was bringing to my life. With just 10 minutes in a real shower, I felt about like this:


Or probably more accurately like this…


As you go into the weekend, I challenge you to take joy in the simple pleasures in life – whatever that may be to you. It’s easy to overlook or take for granted the little things, but those are often what matter most – the small brushstrokes that make up that beautiful big picture. I’m hoping that your day, and all the days to come, are filled with life’s loveliest things and a pure abundance of happiness and joy!



All photos were found through Pinterest. If you haven ‘t discovered Pinterest yet, you need to. It offers a wealth of beautiful pictures, inspiring words, DIY projects, recipes, and anything else you can imagine. Simply lovely.

2 responses to “Simple Pleasures”

  1. How well I remember those days of simple joy whilst RVing! What’s that Joni Mitchell song ……”don’t it always seem to go — you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…”

    Thanks for sharing your grand adventures! Be safe and be well.

  2. I am a friend of Dian S. whom I met in the great outdoors and now we are soul mates…yea. I so enjoy your blogs and your sense of humor. We have been full timers for 8 years and I love it short showers and all but when I get in a real one like you I melt under it. Enjoy your adventures Valeska

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