My Darlings, I Delight in You

My Darlings,

I hope you know, deep in your heart, how much I delight in you. 

I hope you see it. I hope you see past my tired eyes and my distracted mind. I hope you see the love and pride and joy that resides within those weary eyes. I hope you see how they look at you with wonder and adoration. I hope you see how my gaze lingers, just for a moment, between dishes and cooking and pouring another cup of milk, simply to watch you play. I hope you see the spark you bring to my sleepy eyes, the fire you bring to my tired soul, the strength you bring to my exhausted body to carry on another day.

I hope you hear it. I hope you hear beneath the frustrated tone and harsh words and constant commands to “please stop that,” “please do this,” “please just leave your sister alone!” I hope you hear instead the steady voice of delight. I hope you can listen for the sweet song you bring to my life, and let that ring out louder than the strained words. I hope you hear how infinitely worthy and ultimately good you are, regardless of how you act or how I react. I hope you hear the swell in my voice when I talk to and about you. I hope you hear the soothing melody of love that runs through the notes of our varied emotions.

I hope you feel it. I hope you feel beyond my requests for space and pleas for a quiet moment to myself. I hope you feel in the depths of your being how much joy you bring to my world. I hope you feel that there are no other people with whom I’d rather spend my days; no one else with whom I’d rather live life. I hope you feel in my embrace the sheer luck of getting to be your Momma. 

At the end of another long day, when I lay quietly beside your silent, sleeping body, I hope you feel the soft exhale of delight on my breath. I hope you hear the quiet sigh of love. I hope beneath closed lids you dream of the joy we share. Beacause no matter how hard it’s been, I can’t wait to wake up and delight in you another day.

2 responses to “My Darlings, I Delight in You”

  1. This post really touched me as you so aptly and beautifully expressed what has been on the heart of every mom at some point in time. Thank you for putting into words what so many feel but find difficult to express. Those are two blessed girls to have you as their Momma!

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