To the Momma Who is Trying Her Best


To the Momma who feels like she’s the only one who doesn’t have this motherhood thing figured out. You are not alone.

To the Momma who wanders through the day mopping up messes and wondering what she has accomplished. You have purpose.

To the Momma who spent years pursuing education and career goals, only to spend days wiping bottoms and washing dishes. Your work matters.

To the Momma who hears relentless whines and demands as a thanks for all of her hard work. You are appreciated.

To the Momma who lost her temper and feels like she failed her children. You are human.

To the Momma who delights in being with her children, but worries that this simple life doesn’t stack up to the expectations of others. You are an inspiration.

To the Momma who once had hobbies and interests outside of her kids, but now doesn’t have the energy or brainpower to pursue them. You are uniquely gifted.

To the Momma who feels like there is never enough time or money to devote any to herself. You are worthy.

To the Momma who holds her child with achingly tired arms arms, or holds herself together by a thread. You are strong.

To the Momma who is charting her own course, and questioning her direction and decisions at every turn. You are bold.

To the Momma who craves intelligent conversation, but feels as if her brain can no longer keep up. You are brilliant.

To the Momma who looks in the mirror at the unfamiliar sags and slopes and softness of a body that has been transformed by time and life. You are beautiful.

To the Momma who is pouring out every ounce of love her tender heart contains everyday, to everyone. You are loved.

To the Momma who wonders if anything she does ever makes a difference. You are a world changer.

To the Momma who is trying her best, even when she feels like her best is not enough. Thank You – you are more than enough.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas who make this world a better place!

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