On Soulmates


Do you believe in soulmates?

There’s an idea that there is one single person out there for each of us. When we find that someone, they will complete and compliment us in a soul fulfilling way. Wrapped up in one marvelous being we expect to find the ability to laugh hysterically, complete each others sentences, maintain constant romantic pursuit, cultivate a caring friendship of unlimited understanding, all while living harmoniously together for a lifetime.

Its a beautiful idea, but in my experience this notion seems to breed unrealistic expectations that are bound to disappoint. Still, I believe in soulmates.

Because what is a soulmate really? A soulmate is someone you connect with on the deepest level. Someone who ignites you in your innermost being. They are a companion for life, regardless of shifting circumstances. Soulmates are deeply concerned with one another’s well-being, inspiring and encouraging the other’s strongest self to shine.

So of course I believe in soulmates. But I don’t think we’re limited to just one.

I know this because I got to spend last weekend with three of my most beloved soulmates. Each of them touches a distinct place in my soul and inspires a particular portion of my character. My soulmate Becca is endlessly energetic with an infectious laugh, inspiring my child-like joy and fun-loving spirit. Her loving persistence and zest for life encourage me to pursue my passions. My soulmate Jill is steady and loving, embracing me with hugs that make my soul feel safe, secure, and infinitely loved. Who she is and what she does inspires me to love all the world and the lovely people who inhabit it. My soulmate Carolyn is compassionate and understanding, taking time to reach into the depths of my many thoughts and feelings. In this she inspires me to extend empathy to others and strive to understand them.

Cochrane-Moore-153 {Via}

The soul is a vast and complex place, requiring many characters to bring it’s best parts to light. So I don’t want to limit my soul to just one mate – I want to fill it with all the beauty that those closest to me bring into my life. Fulfillment on a soul level doesn’t come solely from one person, but from all the people who walk through life with you, continually weaving the tapestry of your story.

Thank you to each of my wonderful soulmates for joining me on life’s journey and making my heart sing along the way!

3 responses to “On Soulmates”

  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift! You are richly blessed to have so many soul mates and equally blessed to appreciate them so deeply. Be well, Mrs. Moore and keep on writing.

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