Finding Balance


As we slowly begin the season shift out of sleepy winter time, it seems that the pace of life has begun to pick up. It’s as if everyone and everything simultaneously got the memo that it’s time to come out of hibernation – every day of my schedule is suddenly scribbled with commitments.

I can hardly call them obligations, because who can really complain about a great job, babysitting adorable children, fun gym classes, birthdays, and other plans with friends and family. Nevertheless, when I think of the busy days ahead, it can start to seem a little frenetic. How do I balance it all and maintain my calm?

Sometimes finding that balance; staying centered, sane, and on top of everything – both externally and internally – feels like chasing the impossible dream.

Perhaps that’s because we’re chasing the wrong idea. Earlier this week in my yoga class, the teacher read a quote (which I can’t remember precisely) about finding balance amidst chaos. This idea really resonated with me, and also reminded me of this month’s illustration in my beautiful Brian Andreas StoryPeople calendar.


It’s easy to think of balance as this mystical zen place where your mind, body, and life are all in order, but, for me anyway, it’s also utterly unattainable. What I can and do strive for, however, is to find peace in the ebb and flow of life. To simultaneously strengthen the core that keeps me centered, while relaxing into a flexible happy balance.

Besides, I’ve discovered sailing is a lot more fun any day!

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