Speaking of Dreaming

We all need a place to capture our wildest dreams.  Something tangible to to remind us of what inspires, what ignites our passions, and what brings us hope and joy.

In today’s digital age many of us (myself included) tend towards a tablet, keyboard, or even phone to express ourselves.  But I think there is something so magnificent and incomparable about actually writing – the physical act of putting pen to paper and letting your unique handwriting tell your tale.

Lucky for me (and you), my amazing and always inspiring future sister-in-law has just published a beautiful Dream Journal adorned with wise words, compelling questions, and plain fun.


But what really makes this jornal wonderful is how you fill it.  With such encourgement and inspiration as you’ll find throughout, your possibilities are endless!

Happy Dreaming Friends!

And kudos to you Katie!

One response to “Speaking of Dreaming”

  1. Thank you, you gracious being! It is beyond an honor. If this is the life of a dreamer, I will absolutely take it. Cheers to you love.

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