A Blustery Winter Day

Today was the first “wintery” day we’ve experienced in Florida, which unfortunately happened to coincide with our planned trip to the dog beach. While we’re not experiencing quite the frigid temperatures that the rest of the country is suffering through, it was cool and windy enough to make a day at the beach none to fun. So we were forced to come up with an alternative plan.

What to do when you live in a trailer and it’s not ideal weather for your favorite outdoor activities?

Well I took my new favorite toy out for a test run.


We went to some of the wildlife “hotspots” on the Preserve to try to get some good shots (hoping to post some tomorrow!). And while I wasn’t able to capture a picture of them, we did briefly catch a glimpse of our first manatees in the wild!

Bella enjoyed the sunset from her personal window perch.


And Andrew and I played a rousing game of Bananagrams (thanks to my sister for this fab gift!).


If you’ve never played, it’s a fun crossword game – think Scrabble with less rules and more fun. Of course I won – and not just because “jeb” is not a word.

One response to “A Blustery Winter Day”

  1. I am so behind on the blog, buuuut, glad you like Bananagrams it’s kind of the best! Miss you tons and tons and hope to see you, the beast and Andrew soon.

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