Life’s a Beach


We had the day off yesterday – and it was my half birthday (!) – so we celebrated in style by taking our first trip to the beach! And it was magnificent… We feel so very blessed to be able to lounge on a beach in the middle of December.


Naples and Marco Island are the closest beaches to us. We decided to go with Lowdermilk beach in Naples partially because we had errands that way, but mostly because we just kind of stumbled upon it. Fortunately the weather was great – balmy and breezy-allowing for wonderful relaxing and a quick dip.

I grew up going to beaches on the Gulf of Mexico (Naples is on the Gulf for those of you as inept with geography as me), but hadn’t been to the Gulf shores in years. I’d have to say that the Gulf pretty much trumps Atlantic Ocean beaches, in my opinion anyway. The water is crystal clear without waves that make you fear for your life. You can walk out 50 feet in the water and still touch. The beaches are pristine white sand. Yup, pretty perfect.


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