Sunday Everyday

We’ve been settling in nicely to our new home in Florida. Big Cypress National Preserve could not be more beautiful with it’s wealth of amazing wildlife, some of which I’m slowly learning to appreciate rather than fear. And all the people we’ve met have been friendly and interesting characters.

Then there’s the weather, which is absolutely phenomenal – the temperature hovers around 70-75 degrees with a bright blue sky and a constant breeze. I am certainly not missing the blustery northeast winter.

While I love all the sunshine, it also really sucks the energy out of me. I feel a bit like a vampire who’s been cooped up in the dark for the past few months, so now I have to get re-acclimated to the daylight.

But it is oh so beautiful and wonderful and totally different from anything I’ve ever done and anywhere I’ve ever lived! I can’t wait to share all of my amazing experiences. Tonight, however, I just want to go to bed.


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