10 Tips for Traveling Solo with Kids

My baby was tucked snuggly in the back seat of the car. She’d been changed, fed, and was now sucking contentedly on her pacifier. Glancing back in the review mirror, I made sure her small mirror was angled correctly, that her pacifier was tethered within reach for when she inevitably spit it out, and that […]

10 Truths of Traveling Solo With Kids

I reach up to close the trunk of the van, packed to the gills with everything we could want or need. A sense of excitement and anticipation, alongside a bit of nervousness, runs through my body as my legs run back and forth to the house to grab “just one more thing.” The kids are […]

Don’t Tell Me I’m Free

Don’t tell me I’m free As time spins reverse And just being a woman Feels like a curse Don’t tell me I’m free When I have fewer rights Than generations before Who put up brave fights Don’t tell me I’m free When my body’s in chains And my soul is on fire And you’re fanning […]

What I Learn From My Daughter’s Righteous Rage

My daughter flails on the floor, screaming and crying. Her sister took the toy she wanted to play with and I won’t let her watch a show. She’s been like this for an hour, a fiery fury bursting from within. And with every attempt to soothe or distract or speak logic to her, she responds […]

What Makes a Great Father

As we were wrapping up our trip to the lake this week, running back and forth to the house trying to pack, but also trying to pack in every last bit of fun, my foot landed on an unfortunate clover, and an even less fortunate bee, who let me know in no uncertain terms that […]

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